Opening Day Results


1  Robert Sanders, Dick Johnson, Jon Stewart, Charles White                                     64  $80pp


T-2 Mike Carroll, David Starr, Leon Harms, Jim Wright                                              65  $47pp

Kent Noland, Hal Jones, Kendall Kaiser, Gerry Walker

Thad Millard, Steve Roellchen, Bill Wengert, Gerald Baird

Joe Jones, Jeff Kembel, Kevin Kentfield, Jae Lee


T-6 Mark Metivier, Jim Merwald, Steve White, Larry Lindelow                                 66  $40pp

Kevin Murray, Jay Lucas, Landy Boling, Gene Koski

Jackson Foth, George Winters, John Harding, Gerald Watts


9  Mark Pereira, John Cotter, Charlie Fajkus, Grant Kelley                                              67

Colin Ashby, Josh Heinrich, Don Oppliger, David Sprague                                              67

Dan Bock, Chuck Sheppard, Jack Carson, Dwight Stoneburner                                      67

12 Chris Ehlers, Dave White, Bill Eckinger, Pat Jones                                                       68

Mark Sittenauer, Mike Cooper, James Claiborne, John Beck                                          68

Herb Atwater, Mike Ainsworth, Phil Caballero, Ray Chandler                                        68

Steve Hull, Randy Cruse, David Blankenship, David Reid                                               68

16 Jim Wise, Scott Yates, Rick Bechtel, Anthony Feiock                                                   69

Scott Strohm, Don Gerling, Richard Loomis, Bob Smith                                                  69

18 Kevin Londeen, Brian Bailey, Byron Whitaker, Tim Congrove                                   70

Mark Van Saun, Joe Walsh, Terry Williams, Jerry Neill                                                    70

Kent Clements, Jim Lewis, Wayne Hidalgo, Bruce Bowman                                             70

21 Doug Catt, David Baltuska, Russ French, Max Calliham                                               71

22 Robert Foust, Phil Yates, Eric Johnson, Steve Terbovich                                             72

Eric Scheele, Steve Beyer, Kevin Kowalik, Leo Despain                                                      72

Mike Lutz, Jim Folsom, Ed Markley, Grant Hilburn                                                           72

2017 KC Cup

Scott Strohm will be Captain for 2017.

2017 schedule-

Schedule:  First Tee Time all matches 1:00 pm

@ Shiloh Springs 4/20
@ Shiloh Springs (Rain Date) 4/21
Eagles’ Landing @ Quivira 5/4
Eagles’ Landing @ Quivira (Rain Date) 5/11
@ Lawrence CC 5/12
@ Lawrence CC (Rain Date) 5/19
@ Eagles’ Landing 6/16
@ Eagles’ Landing (Rain Date) 6/22
Lawrence CC @ Quivira 7/6
Lawrence CC @ Quivira (Rain Date) 7/18
Shiloh Springs @ Quivira 7/20
Shiloh Springs @ Quivira (Rain Date) 7/27

Lawrence Country Club: 400 Country Club Terrace, Lawrence, KS 66049

Eagles’ Landing: 4200 Bong Ave, Belton, MO 64012

Shiloh Springs: 14750 Fairway Ln, Platte City, MO 64079

Scott is interested in player’s thoughts on whether they would like to play, what matches they feel most comfortable in, and any other thoughts they might have that would make it both fun, and competitive. You can reach Scott at if you would like to be considered for KC Cup matches.

The Kansas City Cup is a match competion between forty courses in the area. We play the matches during the week and most are scheduled for Thursday with the first tee time at 1:00pm. There are five scratch matches, one pro match, and five handicap. The competition can get intense but generally it is a good golf day and we meet some great people along the way.


2017 Cross Country results

2-Man Cross Country Scramble

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 RESULTS

1st Flight

1st Gross – 43 – Thad Millard & Eric Dunn – $60 per Player

T-1st Net – 40 – Jeff Kembel & Kent Noland – $55 per Player

Phil Yates & Jeff Welch

2nd Flight

1st Gross – 49 – John Cotter & David Sprague- $60 per Player

1st Net – 40 – Larry Lindelow & Bill Wengert – $60 per Player

2nd Net – 42 – Brady Lilja & Scott Johnson – $50 per Player

2017 Lake Classic

ROY OWENS announced as Chairman for the 2017 Lake Classic.  Additional information will be posted as needed.

2017 applications have been sent out and all QMGA members should be in receipt of application. Applications must be returned, in full, no later than April 28.

Official e-mail address for 2017 Lake Classic is Please use if you have any questions or need any addf’l info..

Lake Classic set for 7/12 thru 7/15. Applications are set to go out the last week of March and due back no later than end of April. Final date for application submittal will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for another great LAKE CLASSIC!


Guest Days

Over the past couple of year’s Men’s guest day has been enhanced in an effort to increase participation. It is one of the best ways we can show off Lake Quivira.  At this time these events are informal where each player will be making their own tee times. Each member can bring up to 3 guests and the green fee is waived for each guest as long as the member and each guest have either lunch or dinner in the club house. Please note- dogs and chips at the halfway house does not count towards lunch or dinner. In addition, the pro shop will most likely plan some special games and prizes on some of these informal guest days. Check with Tom and the guys  before each guest day or check the website to see if any special games are planned. So, encourage your friends and golf groups to participate. Have some fun and help the Club.

For 2017 there will be one guest day every month for months April thru Oct. These guest days will be scheduled for the third Thursday of each month, except July. July guest day will fall on the last Thursday of the month, 7/27. See schedule below.

  • April 20th
  • May 18th
  • June 22nd
  • July 27th
  • August 17th
  • September 21st
  • October 19th