Mr & Mrs Club Championship

Mr & Mrs Club Championship will take place on Sunday, July 22nd. Tee times starting at 10:30am.

Format as follows:

Holes 1-6 Modified Scotch – Each player tees off on each hole, select the best tee shot. The player whose drive is not chosen hits the second shot and the team alternates shots until the ball is holed. Player A will receive 50% of their handicap and Player B will receive 40%.

Holes 7-12 Best Ball – Each player plays their own ball into the hole. Best score of team is recorded. Men  will receive 90% of their handicap and Women will receive 95%.

Holes 13 – 18 Scramble – Each player tees off, select the best tee shot. Both players hit from that position and continue this routine until the ball is holed. Ball must be placed as near as possible to the original spot, not nearer the hole. Player A will receive 35% of their handicap and Player B will receive 15%.

Prizes will be awarded for gross and net scores

Entry fee is $20 per couple and this does not include lunch or dinner. If you would like to eat after the round, you must make your own reservations.


Pro Shop Staff

You can use the Golf Genius ID (GGID) to sign up for the event. Log in using the GGID below and it will bring you to the registration page.


Go to Click Sign In and enter the GGID and access all league information.

Quivira Mixed Classic

Registration is now open for the Quivira Mixed Classic

Sunday, May 27th

Shotgun start @ 1PM

You can use the Golf Genius ID (GGID) below to access private pages on the league portal. You can also use it with our mobile apps available on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Go to

  • Click Sign In and enter the GGID (QMGA)
  • Click on ‘New Registration’
  • Search for your name and hit continue.
  • Below your registration, you will see the option to add your teammate under (member).
  • Enter your team mates information and hit ‘Register’.